Sunday, 7 October 2012

SOT using debt collectors

A few people have written to me recently talking about SOT and the use of debt collection agencies. I uncovered the fact that SOT was experiencing a huge amount of chargebacks from their credit card company, no surprise in that news! Well Dufresne's answer to that problem was to enlist a debt collector, looks like he has instructed the debt collector to go after all ex-members to collect unpaid membership fees as a debt! Apart from being unbelievable in its arrogance this can show up as a problem on people’s credit history as the debt collectors will file a listing against the individual showing an unpaid debt. This just takes things to a new level, not only has he stolen money from many of us now he is messing up peoples credit standing and that will affect their lives as a whole. I am just stunned that nothing is being done against this guy , how on earth can one individual be allowed to carry on hurting so many people without recompense, where the hell is the law enforcement in the United States of America when it is needed?