Sunday, 14 February 2010

Avoid joining Advanced Course

JJ has claimed my videos exposing him are infringing his copyright in an attempt to stop people finding out the truth. I am currently in the counter claim process to get these videos re-instated. I hope they will be back only in the coming days. Currently JJ has attempted to block my videos at You Tube and Dailymotion, whom thus far, have both taken my videos off line because of these Invalid copyright infringement claims made by JJ.

Kind Regards
Lloyd Hopkins


  1. This is Joseph James…

    First of all, check the TIME STAMP on the trades he says I never took...does it look like we trade at 4pm EST? NOPE!

    Lloyd is the liar ladies & gents, not me. Look at the time! It doesnt lie. We dont trade after 12pm EST M-F and all REAL members know that :)

    Lloyd Hopkins was a client with the for less than 30 days.

    As I’m sure many of my successful members will agree, it will take more than 90 days to be profitable with our methods in some cases.

    Mr. Hopkins did not ask for help.
    Mr. Hopkins did not ask for support.

    He never attended more than 1 training
    Instead...he decides to post this.

    He is another educator I assume, this is how they tear down the top educator.

    He threatens to sue me…and he tries to tear down the years of hard work my family has committed to this business.

    I would have gladly worked with him if he would have ASKED me….just ask any member who has asked for help in the past…its always easy to get help.

    We dedicate thousands of hours every week to working with our clients.

    We’ve also posted some of their reviews here to show you a 2-sided conversation 

    Why would anyone call our service a SCAM?
    Certainly they have not spent much TIME with us?

    Can thousands of clients be that wrong?

    I would encourage ANYONE to come join us in our live trade room, and you will certainly see for yourself.

    You can see us every day @ 745am EST, and here’s HOW:

    And our daily LIVE results are posted each day in our BLOG:

    Thank you for listening to my side of the story today 

    I look forward to seeing you all in the

    Joseph James

  2. Readers,
    JJ has already tried this feeble attempt to wriggle out of his deceit on Trade To Win forums, read the full article here :

    Firstly, Ninja Trader displays its charts, time & sales windows and like using the local time of the PC(I of course I run my PC using GMT as I live in the UK). The trade used in my Video occurred around 11:28 EST or 16:28 GMT. It is of course obvious to see my charts match up perfectly with JJ's trade recap as you can clearly see them side by side in my video.

    Apologies for having to labour this point and state the obvious but for the purpose of clarity, each day when JJ opens his trade room at 7.45am EST his charts of course show 7.45am , well it is 12.45pm in the UK at that time (thats GMT!) and my charts will be displaying the time as 12.45pm of course. JJ knows this fact very well !

    So, you are correct about one thing JJ, you don't trade a 4pm EST, that's why my charts don't show 9pm GMT ! This is just more evidence of your stupidity and lies!

    I certainly was a REAL memebr, here is the proof:
    Dear Lloyd,

    We'd like to thank for the Purchase of Your membership to

    Purchase Summary
    Product Purchased: Advanced Membership
    Discount by: $179.95
    Total Amount: $3419.05

    Purchase Details
    Name on Card: Lloyd Hopkins
    Last 4 of Card: 6586
    Date: 12/03/2009
    IP Address:

    If you have any questions you can use the online support: Or you may email us at . To login to your account goto -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    You can clearly see that I joined schooloftrade on 3 Dec 09. You will also see from my earlier posts that I received a threatening email from JJ on the 4th Feb 2010, again I have proof of this. I was a member for over 3 months and JJ knows this also, So more intentional lies from JJ,!

    I promise you I am an extremely thorough person and I spent many many hours over a 2 month period learning every intricate detail of James Wave bull.

    I certainly DO intend to sue you JJ and if you really have ripped off thousands of clients as you claim then you are in big trouble because you are guilty of serious fraud. You better start saving up for the fines and get ready for a spell behind bars.

    I am certainly not "another educator", educator of what to who and where? I own a successful Software Company and we develop Systems Management software for large blue chip organisations. My details are easily found at our company website

    More lies from JJ
    regards Lloyd Hopkins

  3. I can confirm, JJ is trading on a demo. One day for a moment in the room he made a mistake and shared his "other" screen. Yes the one with the DOM on it that he never shows you. Yes it was clear he was using a demo. I am very interested in your research on the Time & Sales window, my theory is that JJ just enters at the ideal level, demo of course, and if the trade works out then he will show you the trade management chart. It always comes down to that split second in the room. One second it is there, then next it is not. We all know that some Breakout Trades work and other turn around and bounce. Most of his setups revolve around extremely short term breakouts. There is no guarentee, and volume is no guarentee, in fact you will often see more buy volume at the highs and more sell volume at the lows. So what is it? A quick finger? The price is a few ticks above a few ticks below entry, JJ says "HEADS UP, SETUP!!" we watch...then it just spikes, if it has moved in the profitable way, somehow he is in...if it turns around, if he was bold enough to commit to the trade by calling it, he is able to get out with -3 ticks, when u take a 7-9 tick loss. What is worse is JJ is saying trade 4 contracts with a 4k account. He even wanted to trade more so he could say on his website that over $1,000 a day is possible. He is a snakeoil salesman of the Internet age of the very worse kind. When I asked direct and probing questions to get further information about TRADE ENTRY (or this TRAP ENTRY as he calls it, yeah great name) I was threatened and bullied, this combined with the real money I lost both from paying for the system and loss trading the system in the live market put me into a terrible state. I am so glad someone started this blog, it is about time the truth comes out.

    I have also asked JJ in the room and in email to provide a Ninjatrader Report of Trade's taken. Ninja will let you email these directly from the platform so there is no way to edit it. Same as in the video, "sorry busy will get back to you soon".

    I also ask JJ if I could talk to other members who are doing well with the system, so I could learn what they were doing to make it work for them. There was never anyway to talk to these people, in fact discourse was not encouraged, in the room you cannot see other members chat messages.

    And to you JJ, you said this:
    "He threatens to sue me…and he tries to tear down the years of hard work my family has committed to this business."

    You have devoted your time and energy to deceiving and conning hard working honest people out of their hard-earned money. You deserve everything that is coming your way.

  4. Wow, some people think everyone is out to get them these days! :)

    Joe,you arent a member, so you clearly cant speak from experience. You spent one day in our trial room, and know you know it all? Youre kidding me.

    Lloyd tried to sell our indicators to another trial guest (I have the email as proof) so we asked him to leave our community, thats why he's so upset at us.

    I dont blame him. he knew the rules, and he lost his membership because he tried to break the rules. its really simple.

    Lloyd even was kind enough to get all 3 of his friends to post as well. Check it out...all three of them have posted the same complaint, they are all from the same part of the world.

    Could it be? EVERYONE who has a problem with us lives in the same IP address? cmon folks! dont believe this rubbish.

    He is most likely opening his own trading room with our method as we speak, it wouldnt be the first time someone has tried VERY hard to knock us off the top!

  5. I dont usually waste my time responding to these 'conspiracy theorists' online, but Lets see..

    1. I always start in Simulation, and I tell all my clients to do the same as well. If you saw my DOM in SIM it was at the beginning of the day. And again, i would recommend my clients ALWAYS start in SIM while you get prepped for the day.

    There will certainly be times when sim is the best solution. if i take 2 stops in a row I must move to SIM, so yes, we all trade SIM once in a while guys.

    2. If im making this all up...Why would we have losing trades and losing days? Exactly. Dont you think I would make myself a little more profitable if I was making this all up? Lol, this is ridiculous.

    Anyone who knows that they are talking about will agree with me its IMPOSSIBLE to make this stuff up at the speed at which we trade.

    According to these conspiracy theorists, im juggling a million questions, watching 6 markets, AND finding some crazy way of making this all up! lol. right...

    3. Our members are trained on exiting losses for as little loss as possible. I dont understand why you say that is a bad thing? If we arent making money, kill the trade, follow the rules, simple as that.

    again, you arent a member Joe, so you cant speak from experience.

    I would think you would be happy to see a our method doesnt continue to make excuses and avoid stops. We take them like everyone else, but we want them as small as possible. that seems obvious. this is a GOOD THING people! :)

    We have hundreds of successful members, this is simply ONE piece of feedback from someone who was there ONE DAY. I dont even know why im bothering to respond to these...completely false.

    4. Threatened and bullied? WHAT? You can poll hundreds of our members and guests and i can guarantee you NOBODY is every threatened or bullied. EVER. In fact, we are known for having one of the most dynamic and attractive places to learn to trade available to ANYONE right now.

    5. If you have trouble keeping up with our scalping, its ok, we have the WAVE ENTRY as well!

    Our Wave Entries use pre-determined entries with limit orders...very easy to learn and even easiler to execute!

    We are constantly getting positive feedback from our clients...

    In fact, here is an email we got last friday from one of our newest members!


    Hello Joseph,

    How is your weekend treating you? Been trading live since the beginning of April and I'm seeing the same averages I did while trading on the sim. Love the opportunity this is providing for me and my family so thank you. I've been meaning to get back to you for a while now but have had a lot on my plate and wanted to have some live trades behind me first.


    K Rogers

    In closing, thanks for all the members who continue to support us!

    Anyone who spends time with us knows the truth. Do not believe these lies from people simply trying to tear us down.

    "the market is out to get me" isnt an excuse for taking a stop loss! lol

    Now...back to trading!

    See you all in the live trade room tomorrow @ 745am EST!

    Weve had a GREAT year so far, we want to keep it going!

  6. A recent extract from ASF, more compelling evidence that JJ is a compulsive liar and a fraud!

    "After some simple detective work I can confirm that this post is spam from the owner of who has decided to pose as a satisfied customer in an attempt to counter negative feedback.

    Unfortunately, we see this kind of dishonesty all too frequently here at ASF and have decided that when we can confirm an instance of blatant deception such as this one, we will make it public for the benefit of those reading this thread.
    Aussie Property Forums"

    Check out the full thread here :

  7. Be very careful people. After taking the trial for the 3 full weeks awhile back, I seen something I did not like, I believe saving myself 3K+.

    It was the realization that by not seeing the trade management, order entry chart on the trade room screen "full time" ( regardless of the reason), I was really only seeing what he wanted me ( the room) to see. This is a big problem with transparency, and be very aware to notice why this is a problem -if you happen to take a trial.

    As a great president once said - trust but verify. Since you cannot see "full time" the order entry screen , then at least make sure you are getting in the room only Ninja Trader generated trade reports (very easy to get with a simple mouse click) to "verify" the results, not a manually inputed spreadsheet. Why is this not being done? you have to wonder, I did, and it became clear to me why and what was likely going on. I will hold off on the speculation, as really it only comes down to this - WHERE IS HIS NINJA TRADER TRADE DETAIL/SUMMARY REPORTS (less any personal account info of course)? He, or anyone should be happy to provide this, but where are they? be careful people, do your homework, ask for this transparancy before parting with your hard earned money.

  8. My Video is back on line after You Tube have rejected the false claims of copyright infringement made by JJ at Watch my review here :

  9. I agree with lloyd. This guys is a scam artist and has hurt so many people. His concepts of trading are very basic and he never shows his account. He says he has made over 50K for the year, but where is the proof. I want to see a real account with starting balance and the increase of 50K. Anyone can call live trades with no pressure. I am sure he has ripped off thousands of people with his inadequate. I only 40 unhappy members but I am sure there are more. Keep me posted on what happens.

  10. yes that 'trade management window' is not shown during the whole trading morning. Cleverly only shown during a good trade. How ever During a bad trade he wont drag and drop it into view. hmmm.

  11. Avoid him like the plague, thats what I say!
    Avoid him like the plague, thats what I say!
    Avoid him like the plague, thats what I say!
    Avoid him like the plague, thats what I say!
    Avoid him like the plague, thats what I say!
    Avoid him like the plague, thats what I say!