Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Looking at the falsification of results, I believe JJ attempts to lure trial members to join his room under a false pretence. Firstly JJ still maintains that he actually trades with real money using a live account. We can see evidence of this fact in a recent internet post by JJ himself – refer to the 3rd sentence in the reply by school of trade in this link - http://www.ripoffreport.com/brokerage-companies/schooloftrade-com-jo/schooloftrade-com-joseph-james-59b7f.htm#

I of course was able to prove that JJ was in fact lying and traded using a simulator (SIM mode). This is an important point as it is the basis on which JJ is able to falsify his profit results which are published on a daily basis.

Because JJ trades in simulation mode he is able to pick and choose which of his trades he reveals as winners and which he hides from view because they are losers. The net result is a false balance sheet populated with a large percentage of winning trades and a small percentage of losing trades thrown in to try and make things look realistic.

This balance sheet shows huge profits and is maintained manually by JJ. He uses it as his major selling tool to lure the unsuspecting prospect to part with their $ under the believe that they will earn their membership fee back in a matter of days.

JJ has been asked many times to clear his name and provide a real statement of his trades in the form of a broker statement – HE NEVER HAS.

JJ has been asked many times to show his Ninja Trader performance report after a days trading to verify which trades he actually took – HE NEVER HAS.

As a small aside point JJ also attempts to justify his $3600 lifetime membership fee by telling his prospects that he will give them free trading software, this is more deception, the free software is provided by Ninja Trader (www.ninjatrader.com) and is available to anyone for free at their website, the software is absolutely nothing to do with SOT but JJ represents it as being given to new members for free by SOT as part of their new membership.

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