Friday, 30 March 2012


Yesterday if you went to the website you would find the following address listed, 5482 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036, USA. Someone mentioned on Big Mikes trading forum that the 5482 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036, USA, was a UPS store.

Take a look at these pictures :

AND ... if you go to the website today you will find the following address listed, 40 E. Main St. #640 - Newark, DE 19711. Yes now is it a UPS store in Delaware or the University of Delware?


  1. Its called a mailing address bro. people here in the US dont have business mail sent to a home. Maybe they dont have those in UK? Would you have mail sent to your house? of course not.

    And btw way Mr Detective the address in Delaware has always been on the terms. it looks like they just up-dated the homepage.
    Get over it bro, get a life. I made money with JJ all week this week, who cares where he gets his mail.

    1. You're an idiot. Please spend the $4000 for his advanced membership if you've made money from him so you can get scammed as well. Loyd is doing a service to a great many intelligent people of which you are not one.

    2. Take a re-read of this post on t2w from an ex SOT member, in my opinion it is the best worder summary of these con-men I have read :

  2. Wow shocking findings! Fake name & fake address!

  3. Is this Perry or Joseph? Not too shocking but most legitimate business have a real office where they can be contacted. If you work from home in the UK you get business mail sent to your home office. If you use a PO Box as we call it here in the UK it usually means you have something to hide, which of course you 2 scumbags do!

    Most legitimate businesses will also have contact information for the officers of the company, if you don't have this on your website then you probably also have something to hide. If you use a delaware company we know it is to hide your contact information.

    Want some really shocking findings? here you go :

  4. The UPS store leases post office boxes. A UPS address is the same thing as a P.O. BOX in the United States, except you get a more formal address at UPS. I have personally leased one because I have a small writing & editing business in my home. I simply do not make enough money to rent a real office, and I do not want my home address published on the Internet. It increases the probability of identity theft.

    Having said all that, my customers mainly want to do business by email only. In addition, I give my customers my own home phone number, which is listed in all the directories. I'm also NOT charging $4000 up front for some extraordinary promises that affect people's career plans. I would think that if they are collecting $4000 per person, they would be able to afford a physical office where they could have some type of staff like a secretary or a clerk to answer general questions and complete the proper paperwork for a business.

    So, I'm thinking the either whole operation is much smaller than they claim or this guy is scared that someone will show up at his home or office and punch his lights out (or worse).

    BOTTOM LINE - In many cases, there is a legitimate reason for a UPS address or a P.O. BOX, but when it comes to School of Trade, it does seem very suspicious.

    Also, Delaware is the easiest state to get a business license, and you do not have to live in the state to register your business there. Your business does not have to be located there either. That is a very rare thing in the U.S. states, and some people abuse the system in Delaware to get away with shady business practices. Delaware has an excellent system for people who do not have much money to start up their business, but then these jerks like Joseph James come in and ruin it for everyone. Eventually they will make the laws in Delaware strict and business licenses will be more expensive because of idiots like these guys.