Friday, 9 August 2013

New Forum on-line to unite all SOT members

Here is the link to the SOT Members Forum

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  1. I totally agree that SOT is a scam. I joined in 2015 after falling for the scam. I was encouraged to borrow the tuition fee of $5k and promised JJ would personally help me make it back in 2 months. In his demo (he was trading in simulation) and claimed it was a live account, his chart had 'JJ bars' which looked awesome at the time, but he of John Henry his partner in crime never used these JJ bars in the live trading room. I can honestly say that over the one year I spent in the live trading room with JJ, he'd be lucky to break even. He spent nearly half the morning preparing for the day, he would spend time on anything but trading to avoid taking a loss.